29 June, 2016


I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan or a girl on a special diet... I don't even eat lots of healthy, ecological food. I'm just eating whatever I want at that moment. Maybe someday I will take care of what I'm eating but today... Ahh it looks so hard for me. Should I get a good motivation or something maybe? Anyway, today I let my self to choose something that looks really healthy to me - fruits. And... some yoghurt, especially when I'm so into these. Actually eating fruits are kind of pricey here, especially buying not at the season time. But it is really great for the organism, for the stomach and so on. I feel kind of good eating healthier food even if I want to eat so much hamburgers lately... I just picked one of my favourite fruits and decided to make a bowl full of fruits, like fruit salad. I picked all of these except nectarines (they have to ripen) but of course not that much like in the picture. For me actually is enough one banana, one kiwi, two apricots and a hand full of raspberries. And yeah, I have to mention these amazing yoghurts from the pictures above. They are kind of healthy for people because they are gluten, starch, dyes free and are made with citrus fruit fibers, yoghurt bacteria and natural sense. The taste is amazing but it is kind of expensive, that one bottle costs 72 euro cents. But it is really worth it!

28 June, 2016

tuesday inspo

Maybe I'm sharing to much inspirational pictures for you lately? But I love doing that! I just want to share with you what inspires me so maybe you can be inspired by it too. I don't know.. hahaha. You can visit my pinterest page (here) if you want more to see. Actually, these days are quite calm, the weather is not that hot outside as some days ago (when I was on vacation that was above 30 degrees of Celsium, like OMG, I'm from North it is so hot to me). I actually want to start my driving lessons again but I'm so afraid of it, I think that I will never learn to drive a car... Why it is so hard for me? I'm feeling like an idiot. Does anyone feels about driving the same? Also I have to be done some works by the end of this week and it really annoys me, I want to be just a lazy girl... Editing wedding photos that I took, taking pictures of my friend because she wants a photo shoot for her, going to learn how to drive a car, writting a new song (which is the hardest thing), doing a makeup for a photo shoot... Like OMG, where is my lazy summer?? The one good thing is that Tomas and I are going on the sung poetry festival "Akacijų alėja" (eng. "Alley Of Acacia") for one day on Saturday. Gotta be fun!

22 June, 2016

bohemian interior

I have been browsing in Pinterest lately so much and I thought about doing an interior inspiration of bohemian style. For me it looks so beautiful and when I'm looking at these pictures I always dream about my future home. Of course, it is much beautiful in the pictures than it looks for real but I was just dreaming about all that little details which remind me boho style. I mean colourful rugs with various prints or fur rugs, also those little pillows with Aztect print and wood furniture. Of course, I like how guitars or other instruments are looking in these pictures, this is must to have for me as my boyfriend and I are musicians. I really love green plants so it is very important for me to have to. I love how they look but they ar not growing so well at my home but I hope that it will be growing really better in the future when I will have my own apartment. Also I'm dreaming about the balcony where I could drink a morning tea or have a breakfast, look at stars at night. Oh that dreaming!!

06 June, 2016


Hello, babies! Today I'm back with a little bit of inspiration for those who are planning their wedding... Even if I'ma little bit too young for getting married, I always cought me thinking about this special day. In opinion, I'm not the only one like that. Young girls are always wondering how their wedding day will look, what kind of sress she will wear and etc. I have been watching lots of pictures where beautiful wedding dresses are and I was thinking which one I will want to wear when I will be getting married. 

So I found some beautiful dresses at the store Cocomelody. They have so much amazing dresses on their website but this time I chose lace wedding dresses to show you. I like that small details on the back or on the front. They look so amazing and so girly... I always wanted the dress which has so much lace details on it. Isn't it amazing? These wedding gowns are so beautiful to me... Also they can be made with custom measurments. It is so good because then you will be sure that this dress will be perfect for your body. if you are affraid to buy online you can try on these dresses at their stores in USA (LA), Austria, the Neatherlands, Germany and Japan.

Of course Cocomelody now is doing a sale campaign and it is 10% off to wedding dresses $400+. This code ends by 30 of June, so those who want to by a perfect dress for the wedding should be hurry!  

Links of dresses that I have chosen for this post:
1) here 2here 3) here


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