22 June, 2016

bohemian interior

I have been browsing in Pinterest lately so much and I thought about doing an interior inspiration of bohemian style. For me it looks so beautiful and when I'm looking at these pictures I always dream about my future home. Of course, it is much beautiful in the pictures than it looks for real but I was just dreaming about all that little details which remind me boho style. I mean colourful rugs with various prints or fur rugs, also those little pillows with Aztect print and wood furniture. Of course, I like how guitars or other instruments are looking in these pictures, this is must to have for me as my boyfriend and I are musicians. I really love green plants so it is very important for me to have to. I love how they look but they ar not growing so well at my home but I hope that it will be growing really better in the future when I will have my own apartment. Also I'm dreaming about the balcony where I could drink a morning tea or have a breakfast, look at stars at night. Oh that dreaming!!

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  1. So adorable! I love boho style)


  2. Love love love...it`s all so beautiful and peaceful...


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  4. great interior..i love this kind of interior...


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