29 June, 2016


I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan or a girl on a special diet... I don't even eat lots of healthy, ecological food. I'm just eating whatever I want at that moment. Maybe someday I will take care of what I'm eating but today... Ahh it looks so hard for me. Should I get a good motivation or something maybe? Anyway, today I let my self to choose something that looks really healthy to me - fruits. And... some yoghurt, especially when I'm so into these. Actually eating fruits are kind of pricey here, especially buying not at the season time. But it is really great for the organism, for the stomach and so on. I feel kind of good eating healthier food even if I want to eat so much hamburgers lately... I just picked one of my favourite fruits and decided to make a bowl full of fruits, like fruit salad. I picked all of these except nectarines (they have to ripen) but of course not that much like in the picture. For me actually is enough one banana, one kiwi, two apricots and a hand full of raspberries. And yeah, I have to mention these amazing yoghurts from the pictures above. They are kind of healthy for people because they are gluten, starch, dyes free and are made with citrus fruit fibers, yoghurt bacteria and natural sense. The taste is amazing but it is kind of expensive, that one bottle costs 72 euro cents. But it is really worth it!

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  1. Looks pretty awesome) I'd try such yogurt!


  2. Good post




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