28 June, 2016

tuesday inspo

Maybe I'm sharing to much inspirational pictures for you lately? But I love doing that! I just want to share with you what inspires me so maybe you can be inspired by it too. I don't know.. hahaha. You can visit my pinterest page (here) if you want more to see. Actually, these days are quite calm, the weather is not that hot outside as some days ago (when I was on vacation that was above 30 degrees of Celsium, like OMG, I'm from North it is so hot to me). I actually want to start my driving lessons again but I'm so afraid of it, I think that I will never learn to drive a car... Why it is so hard for me? I'm feeling like an idiot. Does anyone feels about driving the same? Also I have to be done some works by the end of this week and it really annoys me, I want to be just a lazy girl... Editing wedding photos that I took, taking pictures of my friend because she wants a photo shoot for her, going to learn how to drive a car, writting a new song (which is the hardest thing), doing a makeup for a photo shoot... Like OMG, where is my lazy summer?? The one good thing is that Tomas and I are going on the sung poetry festival "Akacijų alėja" (eng. "Alley Of Acacia") for one day on Saturday. Gotta be fun!

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  1. I also like posting this kind of blog post :) Wish you the best in your driving lessons! I'm hoping that I can also have my driving lessons sooner because I'm really looking forward to it.




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