31 July, 2016


Trainers NIKE MD RUNNER 2 (not sponsored)

Finally Tomas is back from the another city where he was working... When he was off I was so lonely ans so sad because I just love to spend my free time with my love! I'm happy that this week is kind of holiday week for him so I hope we're gonna spend more time together! Also tomorrow I'm starting learning to drive with an instructor, hope me the best! And today I was just in the countryside to my grandma, later I met Tomas and then some our friends asked us to join them and just chill together so we were talking at my friend's house for a while till we felt really tired and wanted to go sleep! So yeah, I'm going to my bed right now... Anyway, look to these cute nikies! They are so adorable and was so inexpensive to me.. Just 52 euros in SportsDirect store (if you're buying online it is 54 + shipping) :)) I'm wearing 36 in European but this time I got 38 because they were so tinyy!! 

29 July, 2016


Today I'm so happy 'cause we're going to the seaside!! I hope I will be able to do some pictures there but if not, don't worry I think that this is not the last time I'm going there hahaha. We are just going for a one day so it is a little bit hard to take lots of pictures 'cause, you know, not everyone likes then I'm just photographing everything and asking for to take pictures of me... Tomas is in another town right now working so it's so sad that he is not coming with us... He is the one who can take pictures of me hahaha. Have a wonderful day all of you!! And I'm just going to sunbath and swim in da sea!! Lots of love ♥

22 July, 2016

summer vibes


Summer is still here! And it is not really ending soon.. We have a whole month of sun bathing, swimming in the sea or lake, river, eating all of goodies - fruits, going on vacations... Even if the weather this summer is not really friendly, I just like to know that it is summer time now. As the picture says: "Less Mondays, More Summer"!! I hope that this summer was wonderful to you! And a big apologize that today I didn't write another serie of "Friday Talk", I just feel like I have to write something interesting and now I'm not prepared... Anyway, hope you like inspirations as much as I do!

19 July, 2016


Hey, lovelies! I'm really happy that I have almost 50 followers on Bloglovin' since this one I'm using just a week, I guess. You are great ♥ My first goal of this blog is now to reach 100 followers there... I have 361 followers on GFC but it does not matter 'cause I'm not using this widget of Google anymore. It's just because of my new blog deisgn - there is just no more space for these kind of things... So those who like reading my blog, be sure that you follow me on Bloglovin'!! That site is so great for looking at new posts of favourite bloggers... I personally use this a lot! Of course, those who follow me - I follow back everyone always ♥ So go and follow me there!! Also, don't forget to follow me on instagram (here) and twitter (here) too! 

16 July, 2016


Since Tomas are off town with his work, I have been so lazy for all day. I just woke up so late in the morning... I was sleeping like 10 or 11 hours (that much!!)... I got up from the bed so lazy and just tried on some clothes because I just like trying on and thinking about outfits for other days when I'm alone at home... Then I just thought about cleaning my apartment and did that.. Not a deep cleaning but a little bit, you know... After that I went to the shop and bought a whole watermelon, some other fruits, some juice and nothing serious at all so I was just eating lots of fruits today. I ate whole big plate of watermelon and grapes (I ate everything what you see in the picture!!) when I was watching TV show called Vikings (I just started to watch because Game Of Thrones season 7 is not here yet) and of course youtube... I'm a big fan of youtubers, all that fashion and beauty channels, so leave some your favourites or yours channels in the comments so I could check them out... That's pretty everything what I was doing today.. So lazy... Waiting for my love to come back :( ♥ Sweet dreams!

14 July, 2016

interior inspiration


As you can see this time I chose the same style of the interior as always but a little bit in a different way. Last time I upload really bohemian home interiors and this time I wanted to share with you my finds which are a little bit more Scandinavian but with bohemian taste too. I love Scandinavian interior style for home but all these plants and bohemian rugs are so good looking too. I think that these two styles are the best mix ever for decorating your home. It looks so amazing, isn't it? ♥ Also, I added pictures of various corners, rooms so it looks like my dream home in pictures. How wonderful that is! I wish I could have that apartment just now! My most favourite details for home decorating are: bohemian rugs, plants, wood ladders and mirrors in circle shape. Of course colours such as cream, white or any other light color is amazing. It looks very relaxing to be there.. What are your dream apartments? 

13 July, 2016


What you'll need:
1/2 orange (big, frozen)
1/2 nectarine or peach (frozen)
1/2 banana (frozen)
1 or 1/2 carrot (fresh, to taste)
100-150 ml orange juice

What you'll need:

1 kiwi (frozen)
1/8 yellow watermelon (frozen or fresh)
1/4 banana (frozen)
1/2 avocado (ripe)
100-150 ml peach&grape juice

Firstly pour the juice into a blender's bowl, so it will be easier for the blades to mix everything. Secondly, put all the fruits or vegetables into a blender and start mixing them. If your blender has an option to mix like a "smoothie", mix like that. Mine didn't, so I just mixed like I'm mixing other things. To make a little bit more like a drink and not like a porridge, add more juice or choose more watery fruits (like watermelon). I recommend to use fresh and healthy juice but it is okey using just juice drinks too. Also you can change the banana or avocado to a greek yogurt or juice to an almond milk. It should be tasty too. Actually the first smoothie reminded me of a childhood when we were drinking carrots, apples and maybe bananas juice hahaha. And the second one is perfect for partying because it is really sweet without any additional sugar! ♥ Share your best smoothie recipes so I could try something new and tried!

10 July, 2016


How is your weekend, guys, mm? Mine is I don't know, maybe boring? I think that I say the word "boring" too often, am I right? Anyway, I'm writing in the middle of night so I'm sorry of that but in the morning or afternoon there will be a new outfit post up so stay tuned! I just took a photos of it today (or I have to say yesterday?) and I think that they worked out kinda good. You'll tell me. The picture above is like a little sneak peek hahaha. And now I'm just thinking what more can I write here because I want to make you feel happy of the new posts up on my blog. Maybe something daily, what I do in a day or routine in pictures and so on, or maybe you want some healthy recipes for cooking, body care or face, hair care.. or collection of something... I just don't know. Maybe more insiprations? Haha I like to do that kind of posts, you know. Next week I will post something about me, I hope you want to know me better and you'll like it! Maybe I should stop here writing and turn off TV so I could sleep. Good night, babes! Write what you want from me for the future posts in comments or privately!! Sweet drams! 

08 July, 2016


This week was horrible if I'm talking about the weather. I can't wear any crop tops or shorts so it really really annoys me. Sometimes I wish I had born in south of Europe. Never ending summer mmm... Who else is living in a little bit colder country? I want heat especially now when I felt it last week and I bought lots of summery clothes. I'm inlove with not feeling like a penguin during the summer time.. And I love lying on the beach or near the lake, sunbathing and eating fruits, being with friends and having some BBQ... Ahh... I want my summer back!!! Now I'm so bored because I'm just sitting at home since it is raining outside every minute. The one is shining sun, the other is a storm. I'm kind of afraid of litghning and thunders so I better stay inside, at my home with closed windows... I'm so sorry that I'm kind of sad and angry right now but the weather really has an influence to me.

04 July, 2016

it was on saturday

I named this post "It was on Saturday". But who was on Saturday? If you are following me on instagram (if not, come and follow @adukeviciute for more daily pictures) you know that I was on a festival "Akacijų alėja" that day here in Lithuania and it was so fun. Like totally. I mentioned you in my previous posts about it, I think in that one Q&A when I was talking about my plans for the summer (if you haven't read it, read here). It was a great concert for those who like to listen meaningful music. The songs which were performed were so what to think about. There was not so much show on the stage but the music was just amazing. So it is not suprised that there was so much people that I could barely sit somewhere. But because we came so early (Tomas had a soundcheck at 12am) and the concert just started at the evening, we found a great place for us to chill. Yey! Tomas was so nervous about singing on that stage because he is just a young artist and to sing in from of 10k people are just so so so responsible but awesome. Ahhh he sings so good and nice!! Love it ♥ That was so great day for me and for him, we spend lots of time together just listening to music, lying on the blanket, drinking smoothies from the natural juices and so on. It was so hot outside and we went for a walk to a river near there (the longest river in Lithuania - Nemunas) and I wanted just to jump in it but unfortunately I wasn't with bikini.... I wanted to cry hahaha. So great weekend! <.....> (so sorry that I'm just writing this some days later, I was so busy with photography ahhh)

03 July, 2016


1. WOUTERS&HENDRIX (here) 2. FLEUR DU MAL (here) 3. IRO (here
4. MICHAEL KORS (here) 5. MARSELL (here)

It is not a new that lingerie trend is totally major trend of the season. Sheer and lace materials are one of the most beautiful things when I'm talking about clothes. It looks so adorable, so fragile, so pure, so feminine. Isn't it just beautiful? Because it is really awesome to me, I thought about doing a wishlist which contains a whole matched look. And the main thing is this absolutely amazing rose lace cami by Fleur Du Mal. This top looks like the one who can be worn in a day time or like underwear. All I can say that it is like two in one hahaha. Other pieces that I picked from the same luxury store Ferfetch (here) is all white. I felt like picking all white pieces will pop out a cami. Am I right or wrong? Anyway, these earrings by Wouters&Hendrix are just stunning. They are so simple and elegant and I can't actually take my eyes from these. I know that these trousers by Iro are a little bit pricey but I think that they are really the ones that I have to have. Like seriously. These are one of my favourites!! It looked so good on the model... I wish I had a model body hahaha. The next two pieces - backpack and lace-up shoes. These can be worn almost with everything, they are so versatile. Isn't it just great??


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