19 July, 2016


Hey, lovelies! I'm really happy that I have almost 50 followers on Bloglovin' since this one I'm using just a week, I guess. You are great ♥ My first goal of this blog is now to reach 100 followers there... I have 361 followers on GFC but it does not matter 'cause I'm not using this widget of Google anymore. It's just because of my new blog deisgn - there is just no more space for these kind of things... So those who like reading my blog, be sure that you follow me on Bloglovin'!! That site is so great for looking at new posts of favourite bloggers... I personally use this a lot! Of course, those who follow me - I follow back everyone always ♥ So go and follow me there!! Also, don't forget to follow me on instagram (here) and twitter (here) too! 

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  1. Great Post dear...xoxo, neha




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