04 July, 2016

it was on saturday

I named this post "It was on Saturday". But who was on Saturday? If you are following me on instagram (if not, come and follow @adukeviciute for more daily pictures) you know that I was on a festival "Akacijų alėja" that day here in Lithuania and it was so fun. Like totally. I mentioned you in my previous posts about it, I think in that one Q&A when I was talking about my plans for the summer (if you haven't read it, read here). It was a great concert for those who like to listen meaningful music. The songs which were performed were so what to think about. There was not so much show on the stage but the music was just amazing. So it is not suprised that there was so much people that I could barely sit somewhere. But because we came so early (Tomas had a soundcheck at 12am) and the concert just started at the evening, we found a great place for us to chill. Yey! Tomas was so nervous about singing on that stage because he is just a young artist and to sing in from of 10k people are just so so so responsible but awesome. Ahhh he sings so good and nice!! Love it ♥ That was so great day for me and for him, we spend lots of time together just listening to music, lying on the blanket, drinking smoothies from the natural juices and so on. It was so hot outside and we went for a walk to a river near there (the longest river in Lithuania - Nemunas) and I wanted just to jump in it but unfortunately I wasn't with bikini.... I wanted to cry hahaha. So great weekend! <.....> (so sorry that I'm just writing this some days later, I was so busy with photography ahhh)

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  1. These are such pretty pictures Ieva :) I love music festivals in the summer. I'm going to one this weekend to see the lumineers!!

    Davina - h0neygirl.com

    1. OMG!! I wish I will see them some day ♥ You're lucky!! Have a wonderful time there!!

  2. Nice pictures, have a good day


  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I also went there and was surprised how many people actually showed up! It was a very fun and warm evening :) But it could have been a bit less hot since we came with bicycles and were melting !

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. Great post dear! :)
    Vesna - Home Chic Club
    new post: http://vesna-kreativnostidrugesitnice.blogspot.rs/2016/07/zafulcom-dresses-try-on-review.html



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