16 July, 2016


Since Tomas are off town with his work, I have been so lazy for all day. I just woke up so late in the morning... I was sleeping like 10 or 11 hours (that much!!)... I got up from the bed so lazy and just tried on some clothes because I just like trying on and thinking about outfits for other days when I'm alone at home... Then I just thought about cleaning my apartment and did that.. Not a deep cleaning but a little bit, you know... After that I went to the shop and bought a whole watermelon, some other fruits, some juice and nothing serious at all so I was just eating lots of fruits today. I ate whole big plate of watermelon and grapes (I ate everything what you see in the picture!!) when I was watching TV show called Vikings (I just started to watch because Game Of Thrones season 7 is not here yet) and of course youtube... I'm a big fan of youtubers, all that fashion and beauty channels, so leave some your favourites or yours channels in the comments so I could check them out... That's pretty everything what I was doing today.. So lazy... Waiting for my love to come back :( ♥ Sweet dreams!

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  1. I am eating water melon for breakfast recently too. But I am hungry in a next hour. You can check out Wengie, she has funny beauty videos and she is full time youtuber now. Have a nice day~


    1. Watermelon is like drink for me haha especially when there is 91% of water! I will check Wengie, thanks!



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