31 July, 2016


Trainers NIKE MD RUNNER 2 (not sponsored)

Finally Tomas is back from the another city where he was working... When he was off I was so lonely ans so sad because I just love to spend my free time with my love! I'm happy that this week is kind of holiday week for him so I hope we're gonna spend more time together! Also tomorrow I'm starting learning to drive with an instructor, hope me the best! And today I was just in the countryside to my grandma, later I met Tomas and then some our friends asked us to join them and just chill together so we were talking at my friend's house for a while till we felt really tired and wanted to go sleep! So yeah, I'm going to my bed right now... Anyway, look to these cute nikies! They are so adorable and was so inexpensive to me.. Just 52 euros in SportsDirect store (if you're buying online it is 54 + shipping) :)) I'm wearing 36 in European but this time I got 38 because they were so tinyy!! 

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  1. Cool post dear! :)
    New post on my blog: http://vesnamar.blogspot.rs/2016/08/instapost-july16.html

  2. Love this, want this kind of sneakers for so long, they are kind a like New Balance ones. Great purchase xoxo


  3. good luck with your driving! cute sneakers<3




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