08 July, 2016


This week was horrible if I'm talking about the weather. I can't wear any crop tops or shorts so it really really annoys me. Sometimes I wish I had born in south of Europe. Never ending summer mmm... Who else is living in a little bit colder country? I want heat especially now when I felt it last week and I bought lots of summery clothes. I'm inlove with not feeling like a penguin during the summer time.. And I love lying on the beach or near the lake, sunbathing and eating fruits, being with friends and having some BBQ... Ahh... I want my summer back!!! Now I'm so bored because I'm just sitting at home since it is raining outside every minute. The one is shining sun, the other is a storm. I'm kind of afraid of litghning and thunders so I better stay inside, at my home with closed windows... I'm so sorry that I'm kind of sad and angry right now but the weather really has an influence to me.


  1. Nice post, have a good day


  2. So sad about the weather in your place! I can only imagine! I love cold and hot weather equally to be honest!
    lovely blog!! followed!
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