10 July, 2016


How is your weekend, guys, mm? Mine is I don't know, maybe boring? I think that I say the word "boring" too often, am I right? Anyway, I'm writing in the middle of night so I'm sorry of that but in the morning or afternoon there will be a new outfit post up so stay tuned! I just took a photos of it today (or I have to say yesterday?) and I think that they worked out kinda good. You'll tell me. The picture above is like a little sneak peek hahaha. And now I'm just thinking what more can I write here because I want to make you feel happy of the new posts up on my blog. Maybe something daily, what I do in a day or routine in pictures and so on, or maybe you want some healthy recipes for cooking, body care or face, hair care.. or collection of something... I just don't know. Maybe more insiprations? Haha I like to do that kind of posts, you know. Next week I will post something about me, I hope you want to know me better and you'll like it! Maybe I should stop here writing and turn off TV so I could sleep. Good night, babes! Write what you want from me for the future posts in comments or privately!! Sweet drams! 

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  1. Love the off the shoulder and great read too. Great styling as always! Thanks for your wonderful comment on Qing's Style I hope you keep in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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  2. The top is really cute! Have a nice weekend xx



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