06 August, 2016

healthy snack

Helathy snacks! What can they be? I know that lots of people eat some sunflower seeds, chips, fish, popcorns, gummies, sweets or other not really good food as their snack... And I know how hard is to be without snacks at all, especially when watching a good episode of your favourite TV show or really interesting film... Like I never watch without eating...Oh, so bad. So this is why I thought about writing a post about healthy snacks! Today my first two suggestions are eating naturally made corn crackers and dried soft figs. Of course, I didn't try them eating together, just seperately. They both are so good, figs are really weet and corn crackers are really salty.. So you can choose different tastes from the... But, of course, you can't eat lots of them as every snack... Don't eat to much! Eating too much of one food can harm your health, so be smart and enjoy these snacks!

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  1. I eat a lot of this corn cake ;)



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