16 August, 2017


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Hey, you know that I always share the pieces I'm wearing in my outfit posts but I still thought about doing seperate post about it. Get my style - it is probbaly the new series that today I'm starting. I love to see these kind of posts on other bloggers blogs and I wanted to do something similar. If there are some girls that love how I style various pieces, I want to share with them my top favourite ones. So actually I'm a skinny jeans person but I must have mom jeans in my closet too. It is something so simple but still inspiring. Love to style this denim from Bershka. Also, as you probably noticed I always carry this backpack with me because it is the best backpack that I have. Like seriously. I bought it almost year ago and it is like new, no scratches at all. It is a little bit pity that I couldn't find it anymore on New Look but I linked similar one. And yeah, the basic tee with long sleeves. This is what you must have in your closet if you want to dress similar to my style. It is my top go-to piece. 

- Unknown -

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And here is another outfit that I want you to remind a bit. It was my second look that I posted here in blog, as I remeber somewhere about April. It is so bad that I couldn't find excat pieces, especially the top because it was out of stock. This striped blouse is one of my favourites of all time. It is so comfy and great looking even though I got it from Zaful for free. If you are wondering if the store asked me to make this post and tell how good the blouse is, you are wrong. It is just my honest opinion and I truly love that off the shoulder top. Secondly, chokers is what I like to add to my outfit to look it more fully dressed. All the chokers I made by myself so I'm linking the one I saw on H&M. It is much more expensive to buy than to make... Also, I love this cross body bag that I bought in a local shopping center in low price. I couldn't find to link an excat one from New Yorker this is why I'm sharing the one from Asos. By the way, I had a bad experience with Asos and I'm so angry at them... They say that it is so easy to get your money back when you resend the package but it is a lie. After 3 months of waiting for te refund, we don't have our money and we don't have the purchase too. What an experience!

Love xx

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15 August, 2017


Combat boots OMNIO LONDON (here)  / (not sponsored)

Even if the weather is so nice these days I'm thinking more and more about fall season. This is why some days ago I bought these
amazing combat boots. My previous ones are going to be destroyed by walking soon so after almost four years I had to buy new ones. And I;m so happy with these! They are very comfortable, good-looking and was pretty cheap since I paid only about 55 euros as I remember. Anyway, these days were so funny, I spent lots of money on shopping because I bought two more pants (leather and simple black) and a leather skirt. It looks like that everything is about the leather on my mind hahaha. Yesterday we were off town, my parents and I visited my grandma on the countryside that sunny day. The sun was really annoying because it was heating my head so I the whole day I was under the hood. But the grill party with my grandma was still cool. Love xx

12 August, 2017


You know my love for interior and my hobby to search wonderful pictures of it on Pinterest. So I thought about sharing my newest found with you. If youguys love to see these kind of post, please tell me down below, because I don't really know if it is worth to make interior posts on blog. I know that it is so hard to buy your own apartment in this world because the prices are so high and every young person does not have that much, especially if he is wondering to buy a new apartment or house which has been built recently. I'm a person who really likes to think about the future and imagine a life he wants so I searched what kind of flat will I want. And here is just dreams, of course but I believe that one day everythng will work fine. Like I have to believe in dreams, right? And for nw, I can jst watch at these beautiful pictures and choose what I like the most. I have decided what kind of living room I want, what kind of kitchen, dinning room, bathroom but it is so hard to choose something for a bedroom. I love pastels and white but I don't want to make a place, which is suppsosed to be for sleeping and relaxing after a hard work day, an office looking room. I'm searching for some cute and cozy ideas but it is very hard, nothing royal, nothing too simple. Ahhh! Anyway, till the day I'll have an opportunity to decor my home, I will change my mind thousand times. But still I think that home is the most salient place for a man. Love xx

10 August, 2017


- Dalai Lama -

 Blouse H&M (here) / Sunglasses SINSAY ( similar here) / Denim CROPP (SALE! here) / Crossbody bag ROSEGAL (SALE! here
Lace-up flats SINSAY (similar here) / (sponsored by ROSEGAL)

Yesterday was all sunny until I decided to do some pictures for the outfit post hahaha. and suddenly it started to rain! You can see from the horizontal picture these rain drops, awesome. Do you remember the last post that I did with this beautiful denim skirt? If not, click here to see. The colours are the same, light peach pink and denim but the outfits are tottaly different. Love it. These summer days are just chilling at home time. Tomas is working all the time til 5pm so it's so boring... Waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones. I love that historical feeling in TV shows so if you have some more to recommend me, please! I'm suffering from boredom. I even started to look for cooking recipes and making the folder of them but I still know that I'm not going to cook hahaha. Love xx

07 August, 2017


- Bob Marley -

Denim shorts ZAFUL (here) / Bag NEW YORKER (similar here) /  Top PRIMARK (here)
Belt RESERVED / Shoes DUNLOP (Sports Direct) / (sponsored by ZAFUL)

It's so sad that the last month of the summer has arrived yet. I'm waiting for the coming changes in my life such as starting studying at university far away from my home but it is still not that satisfying that the warm days will be over. Especially now when the weather is pretty awesome for real. Anyway, today I'm greetng you with very simple outfit look which in my opinion is probably the one which fits all. It is comfy and basic-looking. Love the simplicity. If you are wondering from where did I got these perfect denim shorts go and chek ZAFUL. They have pretty wonderful ones. Love xx

03 August, 2017


- Kenzo Takada -

It's ROSEGAL again. This time I chose three dresses from their website that I wanted to show you. Now is everything about embroidered dress and I actually love it. I think that I have just one dress which has this beautiful part and it was also from one of the Chinese online clothing stores. My favourite one right here is in third picture, of course. It looks like one of those expensive dresses that I've seen a lot on Pinterest. The pattern looks so beautiful in the black background. So don't miss to check out Rosegal for beautiful pieces. Also, they gave me a coupon code for you guys. Write RGEN in discount box and get 10% off! Love xx

ad - You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit! Surprise code: RGEN

Rosegal1 / 2 / 3 (sponsored by ROSEGAL)
Pictures are from Pinterest and Rosegal

31 July, 2017


- Francis Bacon -

✔ Palanga / Vilnius 

Hey! Finally it is a rightful time to share some of the pictures from my busy July. The month started with music performances in festivals and it ends with the same thing. If I get some pictures from the most famous festival of city Klaipėda - "Sea Festival" - I will post it later for sure. But today I'm sharing some pictures between the festivals. So yeah, the first weekend after my graduation which was 11th July,  I attended an amazing 18th birthday party which was held by my friend Monika. It was a wonderful time with my friends partying in the middle of fields where the tent of a celebration were standing. There was a small pond, a sauna and a tub outside. Everyone was so in a good mood, everyone was dancing and having no troubles for sure. The day after, my sister, her boyfriend, Tomas and I decided to go on a short trip to Palanga - the capital of a resorts near Baltic sea. We were there just for three hours because the day after we had to go to our works. This is why we just had to visit it again this weekend hahahaha. And yeah, here is a second picture of us eating at Express Pizza & Grill in Palanga. I had a cold soup called cold beetroot soup and yep, it is pink. Many foreigners are so surprised of the colour of the soup and they don't really like the dish. But almost all Lithuanians love it hahaha. Last Monday everyone got letters from the universities with an aswer where they going to study. I'm so happy that I got an invitation to study at the best university of Lithuania - Vilnius University. It is based in the capital Vilnius so the day after we had a trip there to sign the contracts with a university. This year I'm finally going to be a student and I'll move to Vilnius! My speciality - International Business, I don't know if it is right for me but for now I think that I made a great choice. So yeah, the first picture and the last one on the right are from Vilnius. The most beautiful city ever. Love xx

23 July, 2017


- Joshua J. Marine -

Romper ZAFUL (here) / Chocker is made by myself / Sunglasses NEW YORKER (similar here)
Espadrilles H&M (SALE!) / Earrings NEW YORKER / (sponsored by ZAFUL)

After a long break I'm back with a new outfit! These past days were so intense: I just graduated, had my friend's 18th birthday party (post is coming soon), send a request to university with a wish to study there (tomorrow I'm going to get the answer!), relaxed at the sea, worked a lot. So the I promised my self that on the weekend I'm going to do something for my blog and I decided to be back with an outfit post. The base of this look is this amazing romper which ZAFUL has sent me. In my opinion, the quality is good, the material and tassels are soft and it looks so beautiful. This one is so minimalistic because I just paired it with espadrilles from H&M which I got few days ago on sale and with a home-made choker. When it is so hot outside, I like to go for less accessories. It is more comfortable, yes? Love xx

17 July, 2017


- Elenor Roosevelt -

It's been a while since I last post something here but it is because I was so busy with all the parties!! Haha, sounds really funny but it is true. On Tuesday I had my graduation party. I finally graduated from school! And I did it so well, my exams were really at highest marks. I'm so happy. I hope that I will get a place in university for sure. So yeah, back to my graduaton party. I had a gret time with my classmates. We rent a ballroom with a hot tub outside and sauna. It was amazing to celebrate with my friends that much the last time. And here are some pictures with my friends Elvita and Simona from the graduation party, in the place where our ballroom was. It was so beautiful tehre, everything in nature. Wonderful. By the way, if someone i interested, I'm wearing a white lace dress frm Topshop. Loved it! Love xx

12 July, 2017


- Uknown -

Heyy, I just got back from my graduation party. It was an awesome experience, I hope that I will have some pictures (unfortunately with phone). And then I will tell everything about it! And today just sharing some pictures from a great spot that I have mentioned before - "Foxpot". It is a cafe by the lake and also it does some water activities. Me and my friend Elvita have promised to each other that we will try water bikes there soon. I'm sure it will be great. If you are wondering what to do in Šiauliai, I truly recommend you to try "Foxpot" activities and drink there bubble tea or a cup of coffee. Love xx

// Heyy, tik ką grįžau iš savo išleistuvių vakarėlio. Tai buvo nepaprastai nuostabi patirtis. Tikiuosi, kad turėsiu keletą nuotraukų jums (gaila, bet tik su telefonu). Ir tuomet apie viską papasakosiu! O šiandien tiesiog dalinuosi vėl keletu nuotraukų iš puikios vietos, apie kurią jau rašiau anksčiau, - "Foxspot". Tai iš tiesų yra kavinė šalia ežero, kur yra begalės įvairių vandens veiklų. Aš ir mano draugė Elvita prižadėjome viena kitai, jog išbandysime vandens dviračius greitu metu. Aš tikra, jog bus itin linksma. Jeigu galvojate, ką čia nuveikus Šiauliuose, iš tikrųjų rekomenduoju išbandyti "Foxspot" užsiėmimus ir ten išgerti bubble tea gėrimą arba puodelį kavos. Love xx

08 July, 2017


- Albert Enstein -

Chocker is made by myself / Top CROPP (SALE! here) / Sunglasses SINSAY (similar here) / Denim skirt CROPP (SALE! here)
Backpack NEW LOOK (similar here) / Espadrilles CROPP (SALE! here) / Braclets from San Marino MARLU & Venecia
(not sponsored)

It is insane that almost everything what I'm wearing this time is from one clothing store. Especially when all of them cost for me just 23 euros. A whole outfit for 23 euros! What can be better? And some people are saying that cheap clothes you can only get in second shops or Chinese online stores. Here is a proof that a man just needs a wish to find something good! I felt so summery in this outfit yesterday. It was one day out of plenty when the weather was kind of OK. Me and Tomas went for a walk in the city to enjoy the good weather. And this is how these pictures came out. It is the only place in a whole city where the water meets locals. I love this place. Here is a cafe called Foxspot which is absolutely cool. Love the water activities they are doing. If someday you'll be in Šiauliai, go and check out! Love xx

// Beprotiška, jog beveik viskas, ką dėviu šįkart yra iš vienos drabužių parduotuvės. Ypač tuomet, kai viskas kainavo man tik 23 eurus. Visa apranga dienai tik už 23 eurus! Kas gali būti geriau? O dar keletas žmonių sako, jog pigių rūbų galima rasti tik labdarose arba kiniečių internetinėse parduotuvėse. Štai ir įrodymas, jog žmogui tereikia noro rasti kažką gero! Vakar aš jaučiausi tai vasariškai su šia apranga. Tai buvo viena diena iš daugelio, kuomet oras buvo pakankamai geras. Aš ir Tomas išėjome pasivaikščioti po miesto centrą, pasidžiaugti oru. Ir štai kaip šios nuotraukos atsirado. Tai vienintelė vieta mieste, kur vanduo susitinka su gyventojais. Myliu šią vietą. Čia yra kavinė pavadinimu "Foxspot", ji yra iš tiesų puiki. Dievinu veiklas, kurias jie rengia. Jei kada būsite Šiauliuose, nepraleiskite progos apsilankyti! Love xx

05 July, 2017


- Uknown -

Hey, loves! When the weather is bad outside, I want to bring some summery feelings into my heart.
So this time I decided to order a fantastic bag from GAMISS. It is very summery, has a lot of flowers and is bright. It is a real summer crossbody bag. When I just got it, my mom said that it looks as a dolls bag. And I kind of agree with that! All of my family were surprised that I chose that girly bag because I'm more on the edgy side but I want  to be different everytime! So yeah, the first really girly accessory in my closet! Love xx

// Sveiki, mielieji! kai oras itin blogas lauke, noriu įnešti vasariškų jausmų į savo širdį.
Taigi šįkart nusprendžiau užsisakyti fantastišką rankinę iš GAMISS. Ji labai vasariška, pilna gėlių, šviesi. Tikra vasaros rankinė. Kai tik ją gavau, mama pasakė, jog ji atrodo lyg lėlės rankinė. Ir iš tiesų su tuo sutinku! Mano visi šeimos nariai nustebo, kad išsirinkau būtent tokią mergaitišką rankinę, nes dažniausiai renkuosi labiau edgy stiliaus detales,bet aš visuomet noriu atrodyti skirtingai! Taigi pirmas itin mergaitiškas aksesuaras jau mano spintoje! Love xx

- This post is sponsored by GAMISS -

01 July, 2017


Necklace GAMISS (here) / Hoodie H&M (SALE! similar here)

Some pictures that I found on my phone. If you're following my on instagram, I guess you've already seen my pictures with that big hoodie which is actually in a colour pink. Go check out my instagram and follow me there (I might follow you back!) @adukeviciute ! So yeah, these are from the Midsummer weekend, and I know it doesn't look like that we were celebrating it at all hahahaha. Ok, it's just Sunday, so the fest has been already over. So just some picture from my bad-weather-summer days. If you are wondering if I'm eating that much junk food every day, I can say of course no, it's just a fest weekend! How can I forbid that to myself?! Love xx

// Keletas nuotraukų, kurias radau savo mobiliajame telefone. jeigu sekate mane instagram, aš manau, kad jūs jau matėte nuotraukas su šiuo didžiuliu džemperiu, kuris iš tikrųjų yra ryškiai rožinės spalvos. Apsilankykit dar kartą mano instagram paskyroje ir spustelkite "follow" (galbūt aš jus taip pat pradėsiu sekti!) @adukeviciute ! Taigi šios nuotraukos yra iš Joninių savaitgalio, žinau, kad neatrodo, jog mes čia iš vis ką nors švęstume hahahaha. Ok, tai tiesiog sekmadienis, tad šventė jau pasibaigusi. Tad dalinuosi šiek tiek nuotraukų iš mano blogo oro vasaros dienų. Jei galvojate, jog aš visuomet valgau tiek daug greito maisto kiekvieną dieną, galiu pasakyti, kad ne, tiesiog tai buvo šventinis savaitgalis! Kaipgi galėčiau sau drausti?! Love xx

29 June, 2017


- Jeanne Moreau -

Today I'm back with another wishlist from ROSEGAL. As you probably have seen before, I did a post including maxi dresses. But then I thought that all I can think right now is a beach and bikinis, so I'm going to introduce you lace up swimsuits and yellow crochet bikinis. Even if crochet bikinis are not included in the pictures, I want to mention that it is worth to have something like that. It kind of gives me a Bali feeling. And my biggest wish after visiting Barcelona is to travel to Bali someday! As far as lace up bikinis are concerned, I have metioned them before in my post about the bikini from H&M. Continuing the 2017 trend I'm showing you more of them. They are so cute!!! Which kind of bikini is the cutest to you? Love xx

// Šiandien aš grįžtu su kitu wishlist'u iš ROSEGAL. Tikriausiai matėte jau anksčiau, kad buvau pasidalinusi įrašu apie maxi sukneles. Bet tada aš pagalvojau, kad viskas, kas dabar svarbu šią vasarą, yra paplūdimiai ir bikiniai, taigi pristatau jums lace up stiliaus maudymosi kostiumėlius ir geltonus neriniuotus bikinius. Net jeigu ir neriniuotieji neatsispindi nuotraukose, aš noriu paminėti, jog jie yra verti būti jūsų spintose. Jie lyg duoda jausmą, kad tu esi Balyje. Ir taip, tai mano didžiausia svajonė po Barselonos - kada nors aplankyti Balį! Kalbant apie lace up stiliaus bikinius, noriu paminėti, kad apie juos jau rašiau įraše, kur kalbėjau apie maudymosi kostiumėlį iš H&M. Tęsiant šią 2017 metų madą, rodau jums daugiau mano pasirinkimų. Jie tokie visi gražūs! O koks mieliausias jums? Love xx

Rosegal1 / 2 / 3 (sponsored by ROSEGAL)
Pictures are from Pinterest and Rosegal

25 June, 2017


- Christopher McCandless -

Necklace GAMISS (here) / Top PRIMARK (here) / Sunglasses SINSAY ( here) / Denim BERSHKA (here)
Backpack NEW LOOK (similar here) / Shoes DUNLOP (Sports Direct) / (sponsored by GAMISS)

Cold cold cold... It was so cold! Anyway, I think that it is always my special way to start a blog post 'cause every time I talk about the weather. But I guess this is because I live in the North hahaha. I was planning to take some pictures from the Midsummer but I was celebrating it just with Tomas, we were gone to his relatives, so nothing special. On the other day we met my grandmother, it was the day of her name (St. John's Day and her name is a female form of John) so we had a nice dinner at the one of the restaurants outside the city. The weekend was kind of calm even if it was the weekend of one of the greatest celebrations of the year. If my parents had named me as Janine or Joan, I would have been celebrating this day more than my birthday hahaha. This is how much this day means to us, Lithuanians. And one more thing why I didn't feel so festive because as I wrote before it was so cold! I wanted to jump in shorts or dresses but everything what I could wear was something warm: long sleeve dresses, long sleeve blouses and jeans, and of course, jackets! What a summer?! And still I hope this year's Midsummer was great to you! Share everything in comments! Love xx

// Šalta, šalta, šalta... Tai buvo taip šalta! Ir tikriausiai čia mano specialus būdas pradėti blog'o įrašą kalbant apie orą, aš juk visuomet tai darau. Bet tai tikriausiai todėl, jog gyvenu šiaurėje hahaha. Galvojau įkelti šiek tiek nuotraukų iš Joninių, bet kadangi švenčiau daugiausiai dviese su Tomu, jo giminėmis, tai nėra kuo ypatingai pasidalinti. Kitą dieną nusprendėme papietauti kartu su močiute, jos vardo dienos proga turėjome puikius pietus užmiesčio restorane. Mano savaitgalis iš tikrųjų buvo palyginti ramus, net jeigu tai ir savaitgalis vienos didžiausių švenčių metuose. Na, jeigu mano tėvai būtų mane pavadinę Janina ar Jone, tikriausiai būčiau šventųsi šią dieną labiau nei savo pačios gimtadienį hahaha. Štai kiek ši diena reiškia mums, lietuviams. Ir dar, kaip jau sakiau, buvo nepaprastai šalta! Norėjau šokti į šortus, sukneles, o viskas, apie ką galėjau pagalvoti, buvo tik kažkas šilto: ilgarankovės suknelės, ilgarankovės palaidinės, kelnės, ir žinoma, striukė ar švarkelis! Kokia vasara?! Ir vis dėlto tikiuosi, kad šios Joninės jums buvo puikios! Pasidalinkit savo įspūdžiais komentaruose! Love xx

23 June, 2017


I thought that it's been a long time since I last post something related with an iinterior and home decor. As I personally love watching perfectly decorated spaces, it is actually weird. I've just looked when I posted the last inspiration of decor, and it is in the beginning of April. It's been awhile. So yeah, this time I'm just sharing nothing different but still lovely. The biggest goal of decorating home for me looks to make it cozy. In my of thinking, it is salient to make the place that you can call real home. Everything is not about the nice and clean walls, expensive details and furniture, it is about the feeling. This is the most important. Love xx

// Pagalvojau, jog gan seniai rašiau kažką susijusio su interjeru ir namų dekoru. Kadangi aš dievinu žiūrėti į nuotraukas gražiai dekoruotų namų, tai šiek tiek keista. Pasižiūrėjau, jog paskutinį kartą tokį įrašą dariau balandžio pradžioje. Na, praėjo nemažai laiko. Taigi, šįkart nieko išskirtinio, bet vis tiek kažkas mielo. Didžiausias tikslas dekoruojant namus man atrodo yra padaryti juos jaukius. Manau, jog itin svarbu, jog vietą galėtum pavadinti tikraisiais namais. Viskas ne apie gražias, švarias sienas, brangias detales ir baldus, viskas apie jausmą. Tai svarbiausia. Love xx

21 June, 2017


- Lauryn Hill -

Today I'm going to introduce you another cheap clothing store - ROSEGAL. I entered this store and looked for a perfect summer dress and I've found some. Here I'm sharing you the pieces that I would love to have for 2017 summer. It looks that Rosegal has a lot of various design for summer look and this is what I truly love about this store! It is easy to find a piece that you'll fall in love with. My favourite one is in black, I have never had this style dress, I mean maxi one, so I'm thinking abut getting something like this. Also, they have a lot of beautiful plaid shirt dresses which are bomb this year! Go and check out Rosegal for more beautiful clothing pieces! Love xx

// Šiandien jums pristatau kitą pigių rūbų parduotuvę - ROSEGAL. Šioje parduotuvėje ieškojau nuostabios suknelės vasarai ir kai ką radau. Štai ir dalinuosi keliomis suknelėmis, kurias norėčiau turėti 2017 metų vasarai. Atrodo, jog Rosegal turi begalę įvairiausių dizainų vasaros įvaizdžiams ir tai yra tai, kodėl mėgstu šią parduotuvę! Čia iš tiesų labai lengva rasti kažką nuostabaus. mano mėgstamiausia - juoda suknelė, niekuomet tokio stiliaus suknelės neturėjau, t.y. maxi stiliaus. Taigi galvoju, jog turėčiau tokią pagaliau nusipirkti. Taip pat noriu paminėti, jog jie turi ir labai gražių marškinėlių stiliaus suknelių! Nepraleiskit progos pažiūrinėti Rosegal grožybių! Love xx

Rosegal: 1 / 2 / 3 (sponsored by ROSEGAL)
Pictures are from Pinterest and Rosegal

18 June, 2017


- Vincent van Gogh -

 Blouse ZAFUL (here) / Sunglasses NEW YORKER ( similar here) / Choker made by maself / Belt RESERVED / Denim NEW LOOK (similar here & here)
Backpack NEW LOOK (similar here) / Socks H&M (here) / Trainers NIKE (here) / (sponsored by ZAFUL)

Today was absolutely a great day. In the morning was nothing to do but then I just thought about shooting a new outfit and yes, this time I chose to be black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow... If you love the way this yellow blouse looks as much as I do, go and check it on ZAFUL (they are celebrating their 3rd anniversary, so there are a lot of activities going on). Anyway, after shooting me and Tomas decided that we want some rest so we were gone to a countryside to my sister's boyfriend who has a little summer house. I'm always dreaming about having a summer house too, somewhere near the lake... Ahh... So yeah, this is how went my day - nothing interesting but great because being at nature during sunny and warm day is what is perfect for me. Love xx

// Šiandien buvo absoliučiai puiki diena. Ryte nebuvo, ką veikti, bet tada nusprendžiau, jog pagaliau reiktų kokį naują outfit'ą įamžinti. Ir taip, šįkart pasirinkau būti black and yellow, black and yellow, back and yellow (juoda ir geltona)... Jeigu ir tau ši geltona palaidinė atrodo fantastiškai, būtinai peržvelk ją ZAFUL internetinėje parduotuvėje (jie švenčia savo trečiąjį gimtadienį, tad vyksta nepaprastai daug įvairiausių veiklų jų puslapyje). Taigi po mini fotosesijos, aš ir Tomas nusprendėme, jog laikas poilsiui, tad buvome išvykę į užmiestį: apsilankėme mano sesers vaikino sodyboje. Aš visuomet svajoju apie nuosavą sodybą, vasaros namelį kažkur šalia ežero... Ahh... Taigi, štai kaip ta mano diena ir praėjo - nieko įdomaus, bet puiku, kadangi būti gamtoje tokią saulėtą ir šiltą dieną man atrodo idealu. Love xx