02 March, 2015

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Bridesmaid Dresses UK

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Hei hei! Continuing my latest post about special occasion dresses, I mean bridal ones, I want to share with you more of them!! I got an offer to cooperate with MillyBridal UK and I'm so happy about it because the dresses on their website are just amazing... I wish I were a bridesmaid... I would totally suggest buying a dress from this store. 

When I was looking at these beautiful dresses, I tought about white dress as a bridesmaid gown. It is really crazy, yeah? White bride and white bridesmaid.. but then I saw lots of examples how everything can be matched even if all being white. So I really recommend buying white bridesmaid dresses too!

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Another thing that dazzled me was that there is a big choice of various materials dresses. My favourite ones are sequin dresses. They are so gorgeous!! Especially the dark blue one in the first picture... And that golden one... I want a new sequin dress right now. Like for real!! Is there someone who wants that kind of dresses too?

Needless to say, but I was amazed by tulle dresses too, especially those who are in the first picture. I'm just in love with the tulle!! Unfortunately, I don't have any of these dresses... Should I order? Isn't it crazy that all these the most beautiful dresses I put in a first picture? Yeah... I'm impressed by these...

Also, I have to mention that there is possible to order a dress in custom measurements. There is a big variation of colors too, about 20 for every dress. Isn't it amazing? It is so good because then you will be sure that this dress will be perfect for your body. And it is so cool that there is a designs not only for thin girls but also for plus size. Don't forget to check out small and plus size bridesmaid dresses as well as long and short ones. It feels that they have everything. What a store! Go and order an amazing dress for your special occasion!!!

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