10 March, 2015

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Hi, my beauties! I think you have already noticed that I these days I'm doing a lot of commercial work and today I'm so happy to write another post about MillyBridal UK online store. If you haven't seen my previous post about this amazing store, go and check by clicking here.

First of all, I wanted to say that these days when I have a lot of work with special accasion dresses stores, I started to wish for an event so I could dress like that. I just find it adorable to look that formal. How amazing is that? I love that pure, sweet and lovely look of a girl. It is so nice to me so this is why this time I chose to show you some pictures of Milly Bridal UK where the moments of special days are depicted.

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So, contunuing my speech, I wanted to say that the most beautiful dresses for that pure look are lace bridesmaid dresses. These small lace details on back or on chest, skirt end or any other place are just beautiful. I always buy something related to lace so it is not really suprising that I love laced dresses for such an events too. Is there anyone who is addicted to lace that much? I want to know that in comments! 

My favourite look from the pictures above are second row middle picture. The look is so feminine and I love the color of the dresses. Of course, the top of these gowns are so beauiful just because it is made frm lace. And the back, I mean the end of the dresses. Mmm... I wish I will look like this someday...

Moreover, if you hadn't read my previous post about this online store, you perhaps don't know that this store is special because every dress can be made by your personal measurements of a body. Also, hey have so many colours for each dress. I'm sure you won't be upset if you order a dress from MillyBridal UK. So, let's go and check the online store here!

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