06 March, 2017


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Hello! It feels so good to be back in blogging... I'm actually thinking about getting a new layout for my blog so I guess that you will see the fresh look of my blog. Isn't it cool? This summer I will move to the capital because I will start a new stage of my life - studying at university. So this is the reason of thinking about my new blog. I just think that it will be more time for blogging and more places to shoot pictures... I'm so happy about it!!

Anyway, I want to present you my newest discovery - a clothing store called DressLily. At first, I didn't think that there will be so much beautiful clothes but then I searched a little and woooow... There are so much amazing clothes! For this time I chose some of the dresses that I wanted to show you. These are so gorgeous! If I had much money, I would buy all of them. I wish... But I'm going to order three dresses from here. Two of them I put here and another one was for a party so I didn't want to add in the list but you can see it by clicking here. And the two I mentioned before here are listed as 3 and 7 numbers. Aren't they awesome? Go and check out this wonderful online store HERE

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