06 September, 2017

rainy but so cozy

- Jim Bishop -

Last time I said that the summer was awesome but, you know, autumn has some things that I love. I bet that every girl knows the feeling when it is so much raining outside and you are just sitting and reading a book or watching a favourite kind of TV show with a cup of tea in your hands. Ohh how cozy. This is the first idea that comes to my mind after thinking about autumn. But it is not enough. As every season, autumn has it's own fashion. As "Elle" magazine said, 2017 is a year of american vibes, red colour (it's powerful way), vintage-inspired everything. These trendy pieces I found at an Asian online store called Yoins. It has so many beautiful clothes for all kind of seasons, so even if you don't have autumn feeling at you side, don't be dissapointed, it offers just beautiful summer dresses, blouses, playsuits and stylish crop tops online, also, for winter lovers - some warm and cozy pieces such as oversized knits, long coats, various accessories. And if you have autumn but it is not that cold, feel free to choose  woman fashion vests online. Actually I chose some of the items from their store, my favourite one is the first cardigan. It looks so funny but comfy, perfect for a rainy fall day to make everyone smile and to get warm. Also, I chose the red cardigan because red is a must colour this fall and it has some folk elements which are very trendy too. And of course it is vital to mention vintage looking furs. But for those who are bored of vintage vibes, don't be shy to try new forms and colours. Buy a fur jacket with some exclusive details. Love xx

Yoins: 1 / 2 / 3 (sponsored by YOINS)
Pictures are from Pinterest and Yoins

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  1. I agree with you that red is one of the Fall's trend this year and I really excited about it :) I also love vintage pieces like the neutral tones, floral couch, etc. I like your choices anyway, red faux fur coat seems so stylish :)





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