19 November, 2017

the eyebrow issue

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I just undersood that I have no more beauty posts going on on my blog! And I feel so bad because of that, especially when I'm so into makeup and beauty things. That's seriously ridiculous. So I just tought some days ago that I should do a post about my biggest makeup problem - my eyebrows. As you can see from the picture one below, I don't have a lot of natural hair growing above my eyes, so it is a must to fill them with some products. I have always used eyebrow shadows and just some weeks ago (maybe a month?) I realised that I want to try something new so I bought an eyebrow pomade. Mine is from NYX (as almost all of my makeup), so today I'm going to review this one.

before / AFTER

So yeah, it is a huge difference when I'm with and without any of eyebrow products on my face. I often catch myself that I can't even walk
the dog without doing my eyeborws so this is kind of a big issue for me. I find myself as a 13 y/o girl when I'm in my natural eyebrows, so filling up this area really adds some years. Of course, it also depends how you apply it. NYX pomade is really easy to apply using an eyebrow brush. But sometimes I find it so hard to make everything look beautiful in the front area... I guess that was easier with shadows... Especially if you have a big problem with this area. However, this pomade is waterproof so it does not come off that easily if you accidentaly touch with your fingers there and yeah, it is perfect for the summer when it is so hot outside that you find yourself sweating. After all, I'm happy with this pomade but it was kind of hard to get used to this product
after using shadows for a long time.

Eyebrow pomade NYX (Brunette) (here) / (not sponsored)

All in all, I can't imagine my life without eyebrow poducts. I can't even understand how could I wait for so long till I done my eyebrows for the first time (I did it when I was 14 and a half y/o). My morning even starts not from breakfast or something but from my eyebrows hahaha. It is not that I feel bad when I'm with my natural brows on, I don't, it is just because I like that process as much as I love to paint my lips! If you're searching for advanced level of doing eyebrows, go for an eyebrow pomade but if you want an easy way - stick up with eyeshadows. Both works well for me but I prefer a pomade! 

Love xx

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