15 December, 2017

morning / xmas diaries #2

- W. T. Ellis -

Listening to calm and lyrical songs brings me beautiful visions of cozy evening when all of lights are just kind of yellowish, kind of warm-coloured Christmas lights. However, right now it is morning, so before sun goes down and brings back that cozy evening feeling when you're drinking tea and watching a favourite film for the tenth (or more?) time, I'd love to enjoy everything what morning can give to us. To be a man who woke up incredibly early gives you an opportunity to experience every advantage of the early morning: rising sun, first sunbeams trying to get through your window closed with night curtains, a hot chocholate with a caramel croissant or a favourite tea (mhm... green) with some sweet cookies... The list is abnormally long
but I could go on and on... Stop. Do I need more words?

What makes winter mornings unique? I would answer: "Snowflakes... dancing their own dance before they finally lay down on slightly frozen earth." Even if I'm not a lover of snow and freezing weather, even if I rather lie before sun in the summer, I believe that snow is something vital when it comes to a month before Christmas - December. And a Christmas day without an earth covered by white carpet, is not a Christmas day.  I have kind of the same feeling about New Year's Eve but that's is another story, yes?

Is there any other other things that makes winter mornings (especially in December) unique? It's not only snowflakes... It is a feeling of coziness, when everything is chilling outside and you are here, at home, by a warm fire or with a cup of coffe or your favourite tea, wrapped in a blanket. It is not possible to feel that special in summer time, am I right? Summer is all about freshness, hot weather, slightly cold water, long beach walks and never ending days... What is winter all about? Coziness. And the best part is early mornings and late evenings. This is where a secret of a beautiful winter hides.

Let's leave all of these little thoughts to a next time, I better go now to enjoy a beautiful Friday!

Love, Ève

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