17 December, 2017

winter / xmas diaries #3

- Winston Churchill -

I have never been a fan of taking abnormally large amount of pictures standing next to the Christmas tree in a city center. But for every action there
is a first time. Having almost three hundred pictures of me and a tree I can only choose four. Not because I don't like how it turned out but I still quite believe that it is more than enough to show how happy I feel about this period of year and how I am overwhelmed by Christmas spirit. If you thought that I do not like it, you are wrong, I am more than happy that it's December with its beautiful holidays as well. Furthermore, I am more than happy that I had an opportunity to commemorate these almost three hundred pictures when the earth was covered in snow. It feels so wintery and chilly but also somehow cozy and homey to me - ohh, I need a cup of tea and a beautiful Christmas movie right now, I feel more than ready for this after all.

Once I found that "the best way of Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear" (author is unknown) but I still undicided whether it is true or not. Most of the time I enjoy calm and relaxing songs, it gives me such a great feeling. I am sharing with you one of my favourites - "Cherry Wine" by Hozier (here) - I trully want to prove that a perfect song for Christmas period can no longer be just the one that sings directly about this beautiful holiday. Wine... Fire... Love... Isn't it Christmas in some way?

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Do you ask me how everything what I'm talking right now is related to the paragraph I wrote before? I would answer "I don't know", but the strange thing is that I want to aswer to it more than that. Music is always related to something, and if you're listening to a song and you suddenly imagine Christmas - it is more meaningful than it is thought to be. Christmas and its symbols means home, family, love, calmness... Unless for me. And Christmas means lyrical and sweet sounding music as well. So back to the these three hundred pictures that I took the other day in front of the a big Christmas tree in the city center, you can feel how I am overwhelmed by this beautiful holiday in a great way.

Love, Ève

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