a short London story

Oh, finally I‘m back to blogging! It‘s been so long since I last post something here just because, as you probably know, my blog was under reconstruction. I‘m so glad that all of the design work is almost over and finally I can share all of my experience during these few days that I‘d been in London. Unfortunately, my all posts from Riga are damaged, therefore, it will take time for me to fix everything. Thank you for waiting for so long! There will be loads of posts from London, can‘t wait to share them with you!

Vilnius Airport has the friendliest staff I have ever met. As always, I have chosen Ryanair airlines to travel. It is a cheap flight company, so even if it is not very comfortable during the flight, it is way much cheaper, thus, I save lots of money for other stuff, for example, other trips. However, the flight back to Vilnius from London Stansted was not that great. When we got to airplane, the flight was delayed 1,5 hours. It took so long but when we finally landed, I wanted to get back to the airplane and fly to London again hahaha.

I had no problem to find a place to stay here, in London. My aunt and her family have been living here for more than 10 years, so whenever I fly to this amazing city, I stay at their place. However, not all of us are able to stay at relatives, what should be done then? The most popular way is to find a hotel. But the prices of rooms are ridiculously high. If you are looking for the fancy hotel room, go and check out booking.com . It is one of the safest ways to book a stay, highly recommended. Anyway, if you feel that you can‘t spend that much on a stay, feel free to book a room on airbnb.com . I love that I have an opportunity to stay at my aunt‘s place, I love evening talks and home-made food, breakfast full of sandwiches, cookies and muffins with tea. It gives a feeling to you that you are a local, truly. My advice is to choose airbnb.com for your next stay in London. Let yourself feel as a local!

It has been a fith time for me in London, so all of the first impressions are left behind. When you visit a country for the first time, everything what you crave is these beautiful buildings and parks. When you visit a city for a second time, you search some new places. But when you visit London for the fith-sixth or more times, you just enjoy the place.

However, I would love to recommend visiting Tower Bridge area. As long as everyone is in love with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, I am in love with Tower Bridge. I have no words to describe it, just beautiful. One tip for those, who are interested in visiting London this year – wait a bit. The most famous places of interest - Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey - are under reconstruction or closed. Oxford and Reagent Streets, Trafalgar Square, these famous red telephone booths – the most instagramable places, don‘t miss them. I haven‘t too!

There are lots of beautiful cafes there! Turn around in every street and you‘ll find the one that you love. The most instagramable one surely is Elan cafe. Even if I have never been there, I‘m in love with the pictures on instagram with these little pink roses everywhere. Such a heaven! Another one – Aubaine Selfridges. This café is located in Oxford Street. It suspends strands of purple blossoms from the ceiling. Also, there are lots of other restaurants that a worth a try!

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