the beauty found in the middle of the capital

How many places are out there that you even don't know about? Millions! And they are even so close to you that you can even reach by public transport. I have never imagined that such a beautiful place can be found in the city I currently live in. Vilnius is know by its beautiful Old Town, various places of interest and amazing nature. But I have never imagined that it can be such beautiful. I used to live in these surroundings, Lithuanian landscape. It is so familiar to me. But everytime I climb somewhere and look at the scenery, it becomes somehow fantastic. It always fascinates me. This time wasn't an exeption.

On Wednesday we decided to visit a Verkiai Regional Park and imagined that it will be just a regular gravel road in the middle of a forest. The only thing I knew it was that somewhere we have to find a small waterfall. But it really did outweigh our expectations. It was more than beautiful. When we finally reached this place by bus (it is so close to a place Tomas live in), we found a tennis court and a palace. It was a little bit confusing. We didn't know if we are excatly there where we wanted to be, but later we find the path to the park. It starts with a beautiful sightseeing area and from there, you are able to see 16 floor dorms which belong to Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and, of course, lots of other forests. Vilnius is covered by trees and has just a few skyscrapers, so it is so normal to see only green landscape there haha. But it was beautiful. It was familiar.

Then there's a path to stairs to the waterfall. It seems that you have finally found it, but there's not the one. Go by the river and you'll see the real beauty. We took some shots there and then the children came and started to jump around, so we decided that it's time to go haha. And it was a good decision 'cause few minutes later it started to rain, but we were under huge trees so we stayed almost dry. What's next? I feel like I have to visit all of these beautiful corners of nature, it's so breathtaking!

What's your opinion?

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