the sight of the stars makes me dream

These past days were so much of fun! Tomas and I have visited so many beautiful places near by, also yesterday was a big day for two of our friends - they finally graduated from school. It was so beautiful to watch everything as Tomas and I graduated last year, thus all the memories just came back again. I'm so proud of these two, they have been our one of the best friends for so long, we have so many beautiful moments together. I hope that they'll find their path and what they want to study/do in their lives as we, their bigger friends, had. I wish them best luck whatever they chooses! Always supporting each other.

Anyway, I have more exciting news - next week we are going to Bari, Italy! We'll have only three days there, but I am sure we are going to make them the most memorable three days in the entire life. We have planned to visit so much, pretty strict schedule. Of course, we won't see everything what Apulia has to offer, but it's what makes traveling exciting. You can go back, be familiar with everything, but also find new beauty in there. It is amazing. I wish I hadn't to work, so I could travel anytime! But let's go back to the reality (even though, I believe that one day I'll be able to explore whatever and whenever I want). My plans for the 18th July are pretty simple - to hang out with my friends!

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What's your opinion?

  1. you look phenomenal in this set;)

  2. Very cute look!

  3. Beautiful outfit and pics! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)


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