visiting the 157 km² town called Kaunas

This evening I’m with a story of us being in Kaunas after a long time. Okey, let’s be honest, I was in Kaunas a month ago for an hour after having a great weekend in Birštonas, but Tomas visited Kaunas several years ago, so this spontanious trip was kind of fun. We catched a train at half past two, thus we had just several hours there.

We are joking that we got to Kaunas only for a dinner ‘cause most of the time we were eating. It was so strange not to know the city, even a trip with a public transport seemed somehow weird. Because of the train delay, we got to Kaunas at five o’clock and after twenty mins we were standing in front of Kaunas Castle. When I was little, I remember walking around, having a picnic during the another hot day. After a little walk there, we got to the Old Town and looked for a place to shoot some snaps and eat. There were just a few restaurants, but we managed to get to the atmost expensive one. We ran away as we saw a chance of doing that and found another cute restaurant of Italian food. Ordered some pizza and pasta, of course, that was way too much for us, but we managed to eat everything. I thought my belly will explode, but I’m fine. I have never felted that full, ok, maybe I had.

It felt so good to be somewhere else even just for a day. Today we also did an escape from a city. We have finally managed to visit Verkiai Regional Park, one of the most beautiful parks here in Vilnius. We found a nice sightseeing stop, we climbed down to the little, but naturally formed waterfall, had fun and spent another great day. I want to promise myself that everyday I‘m off from work, I have to go somewhere and see something beautiful. That makes our lives richer for sure.

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  1. I absolutely love your outfit and obviously also the pictures! I really need a similar skirt - looks so cute xx


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