07 August, 2018

off to Italy

Bari, Italy


- G a y l e . F o r e m a n -


I have finally found time to start telling my experience in Italy here! It’s been a while since I’ve been there but all of the memories aren’t gone and everyday I feel like I was there yesterday. It’s been amazing three days, although it was too little time to explore the beautiful region of Puglia. But there is another side of it, I have some places to visit that I haven’t, so I’m sure I’m going to visit Puglia not for once. I decided to separate all days and outfit pictures into different posts, so there will be loads of them! In each post I will tell everything that can help you to explore Puglia better. I hope that everything will be useful, cause I didn’t found lots of information online.


As always, we have chosen a cheap flight just to save money for other trips and entertainments in the destination country. From Vilnius, it takes just 2 hours and 45 minutes to land in Bari, so it is not a very long flight, and for me it is worth to save at this point. Thus, we have chosen Wizz Air. Pretty good experience, so I‘m really happy about the flight – everyting was smooth and on time. Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport is just 8 km away from Bari, so it is easy to reach the city center from there and it is pretty cheap. It costs 4 euros to get to the city center, were we have lived, with a shuttle bus. The tickets can be bought onboard. It leaves every hour, but the drivers can‘t speak English, so be prepared hahaha. The bus is called „Tempesta“.


It is a little bit expensive here to stay at 5* hotels but it has never been my point to do that. I am more than happy to find a cute apartment or B&B to stay, so everything I did was booking a nice B&B in the center of Bari. The most important points for me was to book a room with a private bathroom, conditioning system (‘cause it’s hot there) and comfortable bed. I have searched through booking.com and I have found a nice B&B called Clorinda (here). The host speaks in English pretty well so it was easy to communicate and he gave us some advices. So don‘t be afraid and choose aparments and rooms to stay, it gives a local feeling.

Stay tuned & I’ll tell everything what we have done in Puglia in my other posts!
Pictures are taken with Canon EOS 80D + Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM
and Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)

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  1. so great to hear you had an amazing experience in Italy!


  2. Beautiful photos:)




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