a look to Baltic sunsets and beaches

I have found these pictures in my computer and I realized that I have never shared them. These ones are from my day trip to Šventoji (Lithuanian seashore town) with my family. This town is my favourite on when it comes to Lithuanian seashore towns. I love that it is small and lovely, although very crowdy when the weather is great. This town is my childhood dreamy place. Me and my family used to travel here and stay for a few days very summer. When I'm thinking about how the Lithuanian beaches look, Šventoji always comes to my mind. It is a place of chilhood. There lies my days of being a kid.

Recently I have shared so many posts about Italy and the beauty of the region of Puglia, but it is so important to realise that a country you belong to  is the one you were born in. I have always been fastnated by the beauty of other lands but I have never forgotten how beautiful Lithuania is. When searching bout the dreamy destination in Europe, you probably won't find Lithuania on the list,but trust me it's worth to be visited. And seashore is one of reasons. There are no caves and rocks, tehre are no palms, but here are endless sand beaches! The water isn't turquose or warm, but it is an extreme to dip into cold water and jump into the waves.

Near all of the vacations I plan, I must plan a vacation here. It is so calm, so beautiful, so real.
I'm 20 now, but it feels that childhood isn't over when I come here. 

What's your opinion?

  1. Damn these pictures are amazing!



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