unfortunately, we're meeting the cold

I'm sorry for being late with this post, but I felt like I still had nothing to say and I wasn't ready at all. Ironic, but Queen just asked me "Are you ready?" during one of their hits "Another One Bites The Dust" and I'm pretty sure I am ready to finally put a part of my thoughts here. I was dealing with some issues these months when I was gone and they are still unsolved, but I had to realize that there won't be the perfect time to start blogging again, I just have to do it. I was procrastinating a lot an activity that is so relevant and enjoyable to me and I decided that I could no longer do that. Also, I have procrastinating not only blogging, but rehearsals too and it made me so sad. I was studying and working, studying and working and it was making me not a person I want to be. 

Wednesday is the last day for me at work. But it doesn't mean I left all of the work behind. I'm finally starting an internship at the bank and even if it's not paid, I feel that I'm going in a right way. To most of people it sounds horrible - a work at the bank seems so uninteresting and I don't find it enjoyable too, but I feel so happy that I'm finally getting close to what I'm studying about. And I'm so happy that I'll have more time to blog and to practise singing 'cause my intership will never be on weekends or in the evenings. I hope to find some peace in my mind and finally feel that I'm doing something right that doesn't annoy me.

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  1. Love this outfit! Good luck with your internship too.

    Laura | www.bigglassesandcoffeecups.co.uk


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