/kili⋅g/: wake up, sleeping beauty!

It's such a winter outside! It's getting so cold these days (minus temperature, crazy) and it's even snowing right now, thus, it feels it's Christmas already. Today I woke up not that early and had some things to do (cleaning haha). Finally I got off the net from insects which, unfortunately, didn't let us to close the window properly, so it was so cold in a room. But after I got it off, I didn't notice any changes - the window is still not closing properly and it's still cold here. I guess I should write someone to fix this problem. Later, I'm going to search for some cute Christmas presents and also I'm going to Christmas tree lightning ceremony today 'cause I believe it will be so beautiful as every year it is. But right now I'm sharing my reviews on face care products that I'm currently using! Meet /kili⋅g/ - the Lithuanian brand that presents amazing products with the most beautiful packaging!

The first product that I'm introducing is a day cream. The manufacturer says that "this face cream with a double moisturizing effect will take good care of your combination or oily skin. The interaction of two natural hyaluronic acids (cristalhyal and primalhyal 50) creates a unique cosmetic formula, primalhyal 50 intensely moisturizes skin and promotes cell vitality and the synthesis of collagen, cristalhyal forms a non-occlusive film and protects the skin from dehydration." As I have combination skin myself, I would agree with every sentence of manufacturer. It feels so good to apply this day cream in the morning, my skin feels refreshed and moisturized. I have been using this one for two months and I have no regrets. I started to feel that my skin is even better for applying CC creams or foundations after using this one. I feel more than happy that "BIOK Laboratorija" has introduced /kili⋅g/ to us. And another advantage - it costs under 10 euros!
Get this day cream! - here / Read more about this day cream! - here

I'm going to start with the micellar water because it's a product I use more than a scrub. The manufacturer says that this micellar water gives an "exciting feeling of cleanliness and lightness", also it "is supplemented with allantoin, which promotes cell regeneration, and efficiently moisturizing panthenol." Even if I didn't notice a big difference between other manucturers' micellar waters and this one, I found it very refreshing and smelling so good. I have forgotten to mention that all of /kili⋅g/ products smell amazing. Also, this one cleans skin so well before sleep and after it - yes, I use this one early in the morning to wipe out everything that I didn't before going to bed. I feel so fresh then. Another product from /kili⋅g/'s cleaning line is an exfoliating scrub. On packaging it says that "rice-based powder removes dead skin cells while revealing a new smooth and thoroughly cleansed skin enriched with vitamin e". I use this one not that often as other /kili⋅g/ products, but this one I managed to use more times than other scrubs I had. I usually tend to put away all of the scrubs I try, but this one I like so much. It gives me a feeling that my skin is somehow renewed. So good!
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This one is totally my favourite. I have never had such an amazing overnight nourishing cream. The manufacturer says that "while you are sleeping, two powerful hyaluronic acids (primalhyal 300 and primalhyal 50) do their work in combination with vitamins a, e, and b₅ by preparing your skin for tomorrow’s challenges". This cream-mask is a bit thicker, but it still feels as a cream and not a mask and does everything what overnight masks are for. I'm in love with this one. Everything what you need to do to get amazing skin, is to apply this cream to clean skin thicker than a regular night cream and massage it into your skin. You don't have to wash or wipe it off as other masks, it is meant to stay on your face all night. I found it very soft and moisturizing. After using this one for two months, I can assert that this one is one of the bests.
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I believe you have already noticed that I truly like /kili⋅g/ products! These are one of my favourites compared with some of the same level (cheaper) cosmetics that I had used before because of amazing quality, well-designed packages and light smell. I am a person that loves to find good quality products that don't cost an arm and a leg. Also, I've noticed that /kili⋅g/ has introduced products for hair and body, thus, I can't wait to try them out! 

This review is my honest opinion and a post is not sponsored by any company.

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  2. So beautiful! I love how you edit your pictures!
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