16 August, 2017


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Hey, you know that I always share the pieces I'm wearing in my outfit posts but I still thought about doing seperate post about it. Get my style - it is probbaly the new series that today I'm starting. I love to see these kind of posts on other bloggers blogs and I wanted to do something similar. If there are some girls that love how I style various pieces, I want to share with them my top favourite ones. So actually I'm a skinny jeans person but I must have mom jeans in my closet too. It is something so simple but still inspiring. Love to style this denim from Bershka. Also, as you probably noticed I always carry this backpack with me because it is the best backpack that I have. Like seriously. I bought it almost year ago and it is like new, no scratches at all. It is a little bit pity that I couldn't find it anymore on New Look but I linked similar one. And yeah, the basic tee with long sleeves. This is what you must have in your closet if you want to dress similar to my style. It is my top go-to piece. 

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And here is another outfit that I want you to remind a bit. It was my second look that I posted here in blog, as I remeber somewhere about April. It is so bad that I couldn't find excat pieces, especially the top because it was out of stock. This striped blouse is one of my favourites of all time. It is so comfy and great looking even though I got it from Zaful for free. If you are wondering if the store asked me to make this post and tell how good the blouse is, you are wrong. It is just my honest opinion and I truly love that off the shoulder top. Secondly, chokers is what I like to add to my outfit to look it more fully dressed. All the chokers I made by myself so I'm linking the one I saw on H&M. It is much more expensive to buy than to make... Also, I love this cross body bag that I bought in a local shopping center in low price. I couldn't find to link an excat one from New Yorker this is why I'm sharing the one from Asos. By the way, I had a bad experience with Asos and I'm so angry at them... They say that it is so easy to get your money back when you resend the package but it is a lie. After 3 months of waiting for te refund, we don't have our money and we don't have the purchase too. What an experience!

Love xx

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15 August, 2017


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Even if the weather is so nice these days I'm thinking more and more about fall season. This is why some days ago I bought these
amazing combat boots. My previous ones are going to be destroyed by walking soon so after almost four years I had to buy new ones. And I;m so happy with these! They are very comfortable, good-looking and was pretty cheap since I paid only about 55 euros as I remember. Anyway, these days were so funny, I spent lots of money on shopping because I bought two more pants (leather and simple black) and a leather skirt. It looks like that everything is about the leather on my mind hahaha. Yesterday we were off town, my parents and I visited my grandma on the countryside that sunny day. The sun was really annoying because it was heating my head so I the whole day I was under the hood. But the grill party with my grandma was still cool. Love xx

12 August, 2017


You know my love for interior and my hobby to search wonderful pictures of it on Pinterest. So I thought about sharing my newest found with you. If youguys love to see these kind of post, please tell me down below, because I don't really know if it is worth to make interior posts on blog. I know that it is so hard to buy your own apartment in this world because the prices are so high and every young person does not have that much, especially if he is wondering to buy a new apartment or house which has been built recently. I'm a person who really likes to think about the future and imagine a life he wants so I searched what kind of flat will I want. And here is just dreams, of course but I believe that one day everythng will work fine. Like I have to believe in dreams, right? And for nw, I can jst watch at these beautiful pictures and choose what I like the most. I have decided what kind of living room I want, what kind of kitchen, dinning room, bathroom but it is so hard to choose something for a bedroom. I love pastels and white but I don't want to make a place, which is suppsosed to be for sleeping and relaxing after a hard work day, an office looking room. I'm searching for some cute and cozy ideas but it is very hard, nothing royal, nothing too simple. Ahhh! Anyway, till the day I'll have an opportunity to decor my home, I will change my mind thousand times. But still I think that home is the most salient place for a man. Love xx