21 October, 2017


- Buddha -

Today I received my package from ebay - a cozy sweater. I had some money in the paypal account left, so I ordered a piece I liked there. I had never thought that items from there can be in a great quality. A sweater came just great and very soft with fluffy arms. Just ove it.

Anyway, sharing today with you some pictures from last week when i was so warm outside. Rightnow you almost need a winter jacket... Forecast even says that it is going to snow next week! What a nonsense! Where did all the time go?? I hope that's not true. I'd love to wear a leather jacket or a bomber one before the winter once more. That's good that I have some great coats left which are soo cozy and warm, also cute. 

Bomber jacket STRADIVARIUS (similar here) / Dress PRIMARK (old) / Crossbody bag NEW YORKER (similar here) / Sunglasses SINSAY (simiar here)
Boots OMNIO LONDON (similar here) / (not sponsored)

19 October, 2017


- Carine Roitfeld -

Maybe you can't afford the most fashionable sweaters, but maybe you can style perfectly the ones you already have? Maybe you can't buy Gucci, but you find great pieces online, at stores such as Zaful? Or... Do you agree with the following statement? Style is everyting, not fashion. To be stylish on a budget - this is art. Do you? If yes, we have so much in common. 

If you are more interested in shopping tips than my wanties, skip to the second paragraph (right after all pictures). And if you want to read what are my favourite ones and what I wish to have right now, keep reading. So yeah, from all of these light clothes, there are two bright ones. And yes, exactly them I want to have in my clothes the most. I just love the colours (yellow is always nice and read - this is must to have this fall). Every sweater feels so cozy, that I actually wat all of them. I love the first, the fourth and the sixth ones. These are so easy to style. Thinking about buying them! What do you think?

here / here / here / here
here / here / here / here /

- Anne Klein -

The most important factor for shopping is of course: how to get everything you need and want and to pay less money.
This is my purpose of shopping every time. After sharing some wanties from Zaful above, I'm going to share some wise shopping tips too that
I guess you have never thought earlier about.

First of all, check what's new online. When you enter a store, you always are grabbing everything what looks beautiful and later try every piece on and look what is beautiful. Every item is usually beautful on you. That means that you are dreaming about every piece after trying them on. It would be wise firstly to check out what is new online, add you favourite ones to a list (maybe basket, but not for buying), than check two days later. Are they still your favourite? If yes, go and find them in stores. If you like to order online, be sure that you have drawn a limit of money. Is it worth paying 50 for a sweater? Remember, you trying to buy it on a budget. If the first time doesn't help you, there is another way to stop you buying what you don't really need and want. Pick up everything that you like, than take pictures of you trying them on (if you do not buy online), than try to make a shortlist. You goal is to spend the smallest amount of money. Pick up the ones who look the most beautiful and costs less. Always draw your limits of money.

These two tips always help me. Anyway, sometimes I fell so fragile when shopping. But always remember, if you start dancing with the clothing
you are trying on - it is ment to be in your closet. And if you doubt, it is never worth to be bought by you, leave it alone.

I hope that was helpful. Lots of love and hugs xx

- This post is sponsored by Zaful - 

14 October, 2017

fall or fly

All that you need these rainy days is inspiration. Not to sit at home, not to blame everyone, just to do something, just get inspired and decide to reach your goals. I'm always one of those who say "nothing will ever happen what I want" but everytime I catch myself trying again. You have to try no matter what is keeping you behind. It is one of the reasons I still write my blog. I get an inspiration from others, from other bloggers, and I keep writing it. It is what I love to do and I believe that one day it can be an inspiration to others too. I love to check Pinterest everyday or beautiful instagrams for an inspiration. This is what I do right now - share some inspiring pictures with you, so you could get inspired. Love xx