29 April, 2016

interior inspiration

I have totally changed my blog design and now I'm very satisfied how it looks. What do you think about this design? I wanted to make it look professional but simple at the same time. I don't know if it worked for me, only you can teel that. Waiting for your opinion in the comments!

Anyway, this is the first time when I'm writing the post with not my pictures, with the ones from the Pinterest. Actually, Pinterest is the best page if you want to look at beautiful pictures or to get some ideas for something, for example I have been searching a gift ideas for birthdays hahaha. Also here is lots of interior inspirations and I can look for hours to all that amazing interior designs... I wonder that some day my apartament (not house because I think that flats are way more better) will look similar to these pictures above... All that wooden pieces, green plants around and white or bricked walls are just awesome. 

Also I would like to have a big balcony as a great place for morning cups of tea and breakfast with my love... Or lovely evenings when the sky is full of stars... This is so amazing. It is totally my goals... I wish I would be that lucky! 


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